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What NUSD Parents should know about the Healy School Charter, Part 2

November 23, 2022

The backgrounds of the Healy School founders and Board, exclusively from expensive private schools with NO experience working in public schools aren’t the only flaw in this ill-conceived petition modestly named after Maureen Healy, an author of pop psychology books on raising children.

At the initial School Board hearing on this Charter proposal on 10/11/2022, 6 NUSD parents spoke out passionately about the harmful effects of this proposed school if enacted.

These NUSD parents included 3 Educators, 2 with experience working in Charter Schools,  one with a Masters Degree in Education with a specialization in curriculum development, 1 Latina Mom, 2 Psychotherapists and an NUSD Dad who had served on the NUSD Blue Ribbon Budget Committee last year when NUSD was considering closing an elementary school.

Here’s what they had to say:

Erin, Educator and NUSD Mom: 

“I am concerned that they will not serve all the students in our community” due to “poor outreach to multilingual students” and a sample lesson that “does not differentiate for English Language Learners or children with special needs”.   There was poor outreach to underserved communities in Southern Novato where they propose a school.

“Without including voices of multilingual learners, and the design and implementation of its program, it will be unlikely to achieve equitable results for all children”.

“…emphasizing resilience without identifying the systemic barriers that individuals face is a form of gaslighting and has the impact of leading to more racist outcomes for Novato students.”

Kristen, NUSD Mom and Therapist working with trauma patients

Teaching children that they are in control of their outcomes is potentially harmful as children are NOT in control of their genetics, environment OR their caregivers.

Ms. Rice cites the demographics of Novato Charter which is over 60% white and 14% Latino compared to Hamilton Meadow elementary with “…the exact opposite demographics and it’s only a block away”.  “Charter Schools serve as a de facto means of segregation”.

Sasha:  NUSD Mom, Latina, Educator:

“On page 23 the Petition states that students of color, especially Hispanic students residing in NUSD who seek to pursue their educational careers and graduate with college degrees, need resilience to accomplish this task. As a Hispanic woman who did her entire K through 12th grade education here at NUSD schools, and now have three students here, I take complete offense at this blatant racist statement.”

“We need schools that acknowledge and change the systems and structures that are inequitable”.

Because we have in-place Social-Emotional education in NUSD schools, this is not a curriculum that would benefit NUSD or its students.

 Joe, NUSD Dad, Member of the NUSD Blue Ribbon Budget Committee:

Charter schools have been sold to the public as an alternate means of education when public schools are failing in some ways. “NUSD is not a failing school system.  We have a funding problem”.

“Adding another Charter school to the District will hurt our current financial situation and will result in the closure of one or more elementary schools in the coming years”.

“Starting a private school under the guise of a Charter School by taking advantage of legal loopholes will take advantage of taxpayer funding and public resources that the district desperately needs”.

Katie, NUSD Mom, Psychologist, Clinical Researcher in Brain Science

“I’m concerned when I read this proposal that this is a massive simplification of what resilience means”.

If a student of color heard from Teachers and Administrators that they should just be more resilient when they’re dealing with structural issues such as poverty, it can be a form of gaslighting but also very distressing.

“Picking a cash-strapped District to divert money from schools is just really irresponsible”.

Stephanie, NUSD Parent, Masters in Education, specializing in Curriculum

As an expert in curriculum, “I can tell you that the “Healthy Brain” curriculum does not exist.  The only evidence of a curriculum is a 2 page sample lesson plan which indicates this curriculum is nowhere near ready for implementation”.

“Curriculum design is a process which includes time to test, refine and retest curriculum”.  It is then published for peer review.   “Has this curriculum been piloted in the classroom? Has she received ample feedback from Teachers and students? It would be nice to know if Ms. Healy has done ANY of this before an entire school is dedicated in her name”. 

“Ms. Healy is trying to sell us a giant Nothingburger.  Our community and our students deserve better”.

What can you do to prevent this ill-conceived Charter from taking place?

  • Go to the NUSD Board meeting on Tuesday 11/29 at 5P to voice your concerns.
  • Sign the petition started by an NUSD Mom.
  • Write the Board of Trustees and tell them “No to Healy School Charter”.

We CAN Save Our Novato Schools.




Save Our Novato Schools

**Novato School Board is voting on this 11/29**
What can YOU do as an NUSD parent?
  • Write the school Board and tell them NO to this proposal
  • Sign the petition on this website telling the Board to vote “NO” on this Charter proposal
  • Tell other parents and spread the word about this threat to our Novato Schools

What NUSD parents should know about the proposed Healy Charter School

Recently a Charter school proposal (known as a “petition”) was submitted to NUSD for approval. As NUSD parents who have read this proposal and are familiar with California State Education law regarding Charter Schools, we at “Save Our Novato Schools” have serious concerns about the impetus for this AND its effects on the NUSD budget.

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