Who They Are

Right now, the only public supporters of this effort are those involved with setting up the North Bay Educational Foundation. Only charter school advocacy groups, CK representatives and prospective teachers have spoken out.

No one associated with this foundation has introduced themselves at meetings displaying any experience in running a school or charitable foundation, developing educational or training programs, or dealing with the Californaia Department of Education or Charter School Laws and Regulations.

This inexperience was evidenced in the petition review process. The program implementation and budget assumptions of the charter school petition were major concerns in the petition analysis. The resulting denial was based on the disjoint curriculum development, lack of communication, and incorrect revenue and expense assumptions. They have no prior experience with the Core Knowledge Curriculum nor are they educators by training.

A critique of the NBEF sales job to date is available.

Current NBEF Board Members:

  • Mary Jane Lonson, an engineer by training with a history of working with various PTA organizations as a parent and fund raiser.
  • Robert Verhoeff, a business owner and accountant who has experience running a private business as the President of Best Collateral.
  • Cindy Hunter, a former law enforcement professional.
  • Father Luke Palumbis, Pastor at Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church.

The petition for a new charter school has been denied by the NUSD. The decision will likely be appealed to the Marin County of Education.